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2018 China Polyether Polyol Market Annual Report

Published : Thu, Jan. 11, 2019 10:31 GMT+0800Source : OilChem


In 2018, China's strict inspection of environmental protection still affected the rise and fall of the entire polyether polyol market. The operating rate of terminal enterprises declined, the prices of raw materials continued to rise, the output of soft foam shrank year by year, and the new capacity of POP had been put into production continuously. The consumption structure of polyether changed successively, while the international trade war was intensifying, and the domestic and foreign polyether and sponge import and export business were blocked.

This report compares and analyzes the status, supply and demand situation, price trend, downstream application and import and export data of the polyether polyol market, explains the market situation of polyether polyol from various aspects, and analyzes the hot topics of the industry. Based on this, it makes quantitative analysis and forecast of future market demand and market prospects. Combined with market development trends, it will provide you with market operation suggestions and risk warnings.

Products Involved: Propylene, Liquid Chlorine, Propylene Oxide, Acrylonitrile, Styrene, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Industrial White Sugar, etc.


Part 1 Overview and development status of polyether polyol industry

1.1 Polyether polyol product introduction and industry overview

1.2 Analysis of the development environment of polyether polyol industry

  1.2.1 Analysis of macroeconomic environment

  1.2.2 Analysis of international trade environment

  1.2.3 Analysis of industrial policy environment

Part 2 Review and analysis of the polyether polyol market in 2018

2.1 Market trend analysis

  2.1.1 Analysis of market price trend of soft foam polyether polyol

  2.1.2 Analysis of market price trend of hard foam polyether polyol

2.2 Analysis of polyether polyol plant gross profit

  2.2.1 Analysis of soft foam polyether polyol gross profit

  2.2.2 Analysis of hard foam polyether polyol gross profit

  2.2.3 Analysis of elastomer polyether polyol gross profit

  2.2.4 Analysis of high resilience polyether polyol gross profit

  2.2.5 Analysis of POP polyether polyol gross profit

2.3 Main factory equipment maintenance situation

Part 3 Analysis of 2018 polyether polyol supply

3.1 2018 polyether polyol market supply volume

3.2 Analysis of the import volume of polyether polyol in 2018

Part 4 Analysis of 2018 polyether polyol demand

4.1 Analysis of polyether polyol consumption volume in 2018

4.2 Analysis of polyether polyol export volume in 2018

4.3 Analysis of downstream consumption structure changes of polyether polyols in 2018

Part 5 Analysis of the price driving factors of polyether polyol in 2018

5.1 Co-movement analysis of upstream products and polyether polyol in 2018

5.2 Application analysis of various polyether polyol products in slack and busy seasons

5.3 Interpretation and influence of macroeconomic environment

5.4 Interpretation of China polyether polyol industry policies

Part 6 Analysis and prospect of polyether polyol market in 2019

6.1 Analysis and prospect of domestic polyether polyol supply in 2019

6.2 Analysis and prospect of domestic polyether polyol demand in 2019

6.3 Forecast of domestic polyether polyol market price trend in 2019

Part 7 Polyether polyol industry events


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