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2018 China Butanone Market Annual Report

Published : Thu, Jan. 11, 2019 10:08 GMT+0800Source : OilChem


The current global economic recovery was facing increasing uncertainty. Especially after Jun, the three major risk factors of trade protectionism, inflationary pressure and currency contraction were intertwined, and global economic growth faced challenges.

In 2018, Longzhong Information Butanone Annual Report explained the market situation of butanone at home and abroad by analyzing the production status of the butanone industry, the market (market size, market structure, market characteristics, etc.), the production (total production, supply and demand balance, etc.), application fields, consumption structure, consumption status, consumer demand, downstream users, related substitutes, and key companies in the butanone industry, etc., providing a forecast of the development of butanone industry.

Products Involved: Butanone, LPG, Acetone, Toluene, MEKO, etc.


Part 1 Overview of the butanone market in 2018

Part 2 Analysis of the international butanone market in 2018

2.1 Changes in supply and demand in the global butanone market in 2018

2.2 Asian butanone production capacity distribution

2.3 Analysis of the flow of Asian butanone supply

2.4 Analysis of the main consumption areas of butanone in the world

Part 3 Supply pattern and trend analysis of butanone product

3.1 Domestic butanone supply pattern

  3.1.1 2018 China butanone production capacity statistics and distribution

  3.1.2 Statistics on new capacity of domestic butanone to be expanded

  3.1.3 Comparison of domestic butanone output data

  3.1.4 Cost and profit analysis domestic butanone industry

  3.1.5 Analysis of Domestic butanone trade flow

3.2 Overview of China butanone import from 2014 to 2018

  3.2.1 Analysis of the trend of import volume (by origin country)

  3.2.2 Analysis of the influencing factors of the import volume changes

Part 4 Analysis of the consumption and demand of butanone market

4.1 Domestic butanone apparent consumption development in 2018

4.2 Analysis of domestic butanone consumption structure in 2018

4.3 Butanone downstream products analysis

  4.3.1 Application of MEKO

  4.3.2 Analysis of the characteristics of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide

  4.3.3 Analysis of the coating industry market

  4.3.4 Analysis of adhesive industry market

  4.3.5 Analysis of ink industry market

  4.3.6 Development Status of other industries

4.4 Analysis of domestic butanone export data in 2018

4.5 Forecast of consumption status of various industries in China in 2018

4.6 Analysis of factors affecting China market demand pattern

4.7 Analysis of industry’s slack season and busy season

Part 5 2018 butanone upstream industry analysis

5.1 2018 crude oil market review

  5.1.1 2018 etherified C4 market trend and forecast

  5.1.2 Co-movement analysis of etherified C4 market and domestic butanone spot price

Part 6 Analysis of market trend of butanone related products in 2018

6.1 2018 acetone market trend

6.2 2018 toluene market trend

Part 7 2019 butanone market outlook and industry development recommendations

7.1 Analysis of the driving factors and future development trend of butanone market

7.2 Prediction of butanone market trend in 2019


1. Interpretation of macroeconomic policies

2. 2018 domestic butanone memorabilia

3. Research methods and related definitions

 3.1 Data statistics and calculation methodology

 3.2 Forecast model description

 3.3 Definitions and abbreviations

4. The chart appendix

5. Annual report name of relevant product

   2018 Crude Oil Annual Report

   2018 LPG Annual Report

   2018 Acetone Annual Report

   2018 Toluene Annual Report



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