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[MMA]: MMA morning market tips (Sep.13)

Published : Wed, Sep. 13, 2018 14:12 GMT+0800Source : OilChem

OilChem, Sep.13 - Domestic MMA market prices kept stable yesterday, with the comparatively sluggish transactions. Goods-holders faced stable sales, the demand didn’t improve significantly, downstream users held the cautious procurement sentiment and made inquiries on rigid demand basis, and the market kept firm in a short time. It was estimated by OilChem that MMA market would keep steady temporarily today, the transaction price was settled at Yuan 19,300-19,500/mt in East China market, with the mainstream quotation of Yuan 20,200-20,500/mt in South China market, and market insiders should pay attention to factual orders in the market and the situation of the supply of goods.


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