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[C5]: C5 Morning Market Tips (Sep.13)

Published : Wed, Sep. 13, 2018 13:37 GMT+0800Source : OilChem

OilChem, Sep.13 –

International crude oil:

                    RegionClosing Price of Sep 12th Closing Price of Sep 11th    Change   Unit
                    Brent                79.74                79.06    +0.68  $/bl
                     WTI                70.37                69.25    +1.12  $/bl
       Mainstream Contract Price of China SC                 531                522.2     +8.8  $/bl

Cracking C5:

                                                                                                                                                      Unit: Yuan/mt

        Region                   Closing Price of Sep 12th                Closing Price of Sep 11th       Change
    South China                          5,250                       5,250         0
    East China                          5,200                       5,200         0
   North China                       5,150-5,200                    5,150-5,200         0
   Central China                       4,850-4,900                    4,850-4,900         0

                                                                                                                                                     Source: OilChem

C5 separating products:

The domestic cracking C5 price kept stable yesterday, with the domestic mainstream price of Yuan 5,150-5,200/mt. Domestic C5 raffinate prices were Yuan 5,300-5,800/mt, and the domestic prevailing price of mixed C5 was cited at Yuan 5,450-5,650/mt.

IPM prices were settled at Yuan 9,500-10,200/mt, the market supply kept tight, SIS market was promising, the EXW price went up by Yuan 400/mt to Yuan 15,200/mt in Sinopec Baling Company, which supported IPM, and state-owned factories intended to raise their quotations.

PIP market prices were Yuan 8,200-8,700/mt, the market supply kept tight, downstream petroleum resin enterprises said that it was hard to find PIP resources, and state-owned factories had the price appreciation intention.

DCPD prices were cited at Yuan 7,200-7,400/mt, the price kept steady, the market supply was comparatively tight, which formed the strong support to the price, and the price rose to Yuan 7,500/mt in some regions yesterday. The price of phthalic anhydride, which used technical naphthalene as raw materials, was settled at Yuan 7,000/mt or so, which restricted DCPD.


The rosin price mounted up in South China, the mainstream price of pinus massoniana rosin was Yuan 10,700-10,800/mt in Guangdong and Guangxi, with the prevailing pinus elliottii gum rosin price of Yuan 9,100-9,300/mt. The mainstream EXW price was Yuan 9,200-9,600/mt in Kunming and Jiangxi.

C5 petroleum resin:

C5 petroleum resin market kept stable on the whole. The mainstream transaction price of traffic paint-used C5 petroleum resin was Yuan 9,700-10,200/mt, and the high-end quotation was Yuan 10,300-10,800/mt in East China and South China. The quotation of adhesive-used C5 petroleum resin was Yuan 10,700-11,200/mt in state-owned factories. Puyang Binder Chemical planned to restart its petroleum resin units this week.


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